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Bat Removal

Bat Removal

You Need professional Removal

Bats can roost in homes, posing health risks and causing damage. Quick action is crucial for humane removal. Bat droppings require safe cleanup. Hideaway offers expert inspection and sealing services.

To humanely remove bats from your home, contact our professional team for safe and effective removal methods.

Bats live in homes seeking shelter, warmth, and protection from predators, making attics and walls appealing nesting spots.

If you notice bat droppings, unusual sounds, or bat sightings around your home, you may have bats.

Many bat species are endangered, and it's essential to handle their removal with care and consideration for their conservation.

Prevent bats from entering your chimney by installing proper mesh screens or caps to block their access.

Bats in the attic often produce scratching or squeaking sounds, particularly during dusk and dawn when they are active.

Prevention is key

We are experts in prevention with our sister company: Gutter Clean Ontario. Keeping clean gutters and a reputable leaf guard can prevent damage and deter animals from creating a home in the debris or entering through the facia.

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