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Bird Removal

Bird Removal

Safeguarding Your Property

Birds nesting around your home can create health hazards and frustration. Effective removal and prevention strategies are essential.

Birds can cause damage to ventilation systems and building materials. Acidic droppings stain surfaces and pose health risks.

Baby birds make removals more complex. We ensure proper timing and safely relocate young starlings when necessary. Professional removal ensures effective methods without leaving any behind.

Birds seek shelter and warmth, making vents an attractive nesting spot for them.

Professional removal services safely and effectively relocate birds from vents.

Let us check! Bird-proofing chimneys prevents birds from entering and nesting inside.

Common bird species in Southern Ontario include pigeons, sparrows, robins and starlings.

Birds in dryer vents are safely removed by professionals using appropriate methods and tools.

Prevention is key

We are experts in prevention with our sister company: Gutter Clean Ontario. Keeping clean gutters and a reputable leaf guard can prevent damage and deter animals from creating a home in the debris or entering through the facia.

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