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Raccoons, intelligent and resourceful, can easily create entry points in various parts of your property. Weak materials and weather damage can exacerbate the problem. Our skilled team, with 15+ years of experience, ensures effective solutions.

Cleaning raccoon feces in the attic requires proper protective gear and disinfectants. Seek professional assistance for safe removal.

Raccoons can cause extensive damage to your property, including roof and insulation damage. They may also chew wires and create entry points.

Cleaning a raccoon latrine should be approached with caution. Wear protective gear and use disinfectants to prevent disease transmission.

To deal with a raccoon infestation, avoid DIY methods and seek professional removal services. Prevent future intrusions with wildlife-proofing measures.

Raccoons in the attic pose health risks due to their feces, urine, and potential transmission of diseases. Seek timely removal to safeguard your health and property.

Prevention is key

We are experts in prevention with our sister company: Gutter Clean Ontario. Keeping clean gutters and a reputable leaf guard can prevent damage and deter animals from creating a home in the debris or entering through the facia.

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